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The Best Digital Piano in 2024 - Top Picks and Reviews
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The Best Digital Piano in 2024 – Top Picks and Reviews

Digital pianos are digital instruments that can be used to play music and sounds in a similar manner to a traditional piano. Digital pianos have a range of features that make them more convenient than traditional pianos. First, let’s understand what a digital piano is. A digital piano is a keyboard instrument that is made up of a number of keys. These keys are arranged in a pattern that is similar to a regular piano. When you press any key on the keyboard, it plays a sound. Furthermore, a digital piano is designed to provide a better sound quality than a traditional piano. It uses an amplifier to convert the audio signal to an electrical signal. Therefore, you can enjoy a richer, fuller, and more realistic sound.

Here is my list of the best digital pianos that I would recommend.

Yamaha P45 88-Key Weighted Digital Piano

In-depth reviews of 5 best digital pianos

1. YAMAHA P125 88-Key Weighted Action Digital Piano

Yamaha P-125 88-key weighted action digital piano is the best choice for anyone looking for a top-of-the-line digital piano. This 88-key model has a high-quality action mechanism with a solid metal frame and a high-quality finish. The keys have a smooth-gliding touch response and a sturdy construction, making the keyboard feel responsive and responsive. The piano is equipped with Yamaha’s exclusive ‘Yamaha Touch’ technology that provides excellent tonal quality and responsiveness.

A powerful internal speaker system ensures great sound for any playing style, and the sustain pedal will allow you to continue to play while keeping the volume at a comfortable level.


  • Sturdy; comes with a sturdy case and wheels

  • Comes with a built-in speaker, but still has a USB sound card for more versatility

  • Comes with headphones splitter for using the microphone and headphones separately


  • Poor microphone quality

  • The sound quality is not very good; the built-in speaker is not very loud

2. Korg LP380-88 – Key Digital Piano

Korg has been producing some amazing gear over the years. Their instruments are some of the most versatile and flexible that I have ever tried. 

The LP380-88 is a full sized keyboard instrument with 88 weighted keys and a built-in speaker. It has a built-in USB interface that allows you to connect it to your computer, allowing you to take advantage of the wealth of software available for playing music.

It has a standard MIDI IN/OUT port, so it’s compatible with many software programs, like Cubase, ReBirth, and Reason. It also has a built-in headphone jack, which is useful for private practice and for those who don’t want to disturb others.


  • A compact instrument with easy-to-play features

  • Features a full-size keyboard with a realistic feel

  • Comes with a USB cable, AC adapter and stand

  • Has a built-in speaker system


  • None

3. Roland F107 Digital Streamlined Piano

Roland F-Series digital pianos are crafted with high-quality materials and features, and offer versatile performance, making them ideal for the home musician.

The Roland F-Series digital pianos deliver the powerful, realistic sound of acoustic pianos, but with the convenience of a digital piano.

They include Roland’s unique “Real Touch” keyboard action, with its wide-spaced keys and soft-touch backlighting, offering a realistic playing feel. They also have Roland’s patented Sound Mode technology, which provides dynamic tonal quality for each key stroke.

The Roland F-Series digital pianos come in three attractive and modern designs that are ideal for the home musician: a compact and streamlined black design, a classic design with a solid mahogany finish, and a contemporary design with brushed metal accents.

Each piano features up to 64GB of storage, making it easy to save your music library, and comes with a dedicated headphone jack, providing direct access to the powerful speakers.


  • Portable

  • Sturdy build

  • Beautiful design


  • None

4. Kawai KDP120 Digital Piano

The Kawai KDP-120 digital piano offers superb quality and affordability. This is a digital piano that’s equipped with a 120-note piano-style keyboard, USB interface for ease of use, and a built-in speaker. It’s a great choice if you want a top-quality acoustic piano but don’t want to spend a lot of money.

It comes with a powerful 3W speaker system and has a built-in sound engine. This can play back sounds from its built-in SD card. It can store up to 128 tracks.

A range of pre-installed sample songs is provided, and you can download new samples from the Kawai website.

Features include volume control, playback, selection, rewind and record functions, MIDI control, automatic accompaniment, auto-piano, split keyboard, and a USB interface.


  • Features a piano grand piano feel with an attractive rosewood finish

  • Digital piano with built-in speakers for rich and full sound

  • Chromatic Key Touch allows you to play along with your favorite songs


  • Not happy with the microphone quality

5. Casio PX-770 BK Privia Digital Piano

The Casio PX-770 Digital Home Piano is a stylish, compact instrument that you can take anywhere and play virtually anywhere. It features a full-color LCD display with a large keyboard, built-in speakers, a built-in metronome, and an adjustable volume level control.

The Casio PX-770 includes two preloaded songs, one of which is a popular folk song, “Amazing Grace.” It’s great for beginners who are just starting out, and even for experienced musicians who want to learn a new song.

The piano also has a USB port, so you can connect it to your computer and play along to the piano as you practice.

The Casio PX-770 Digital Home Piano also features a MIDI port, so you can connect a MIDI controller such as a keyboard, guitar pedal, or synthesizer and control the volume with a single footswitch.


  • Can connect with your smartphone/tablet

  • Features a digital piano sound with 8 built-in speakers and 2 built-in microphones

  • Connects via Bluetooth® wireless technology


  • The buttons are not backlit

  • The volume knob is too small


How durable is the best digital piano?

The lifespan of a digital piano is 20 to 50 years. Higher-end digital pianos are structurally better made. They employ stronger metal, superior electrical components, robust plastic, and piano keys that can withstand significant wear and tear. Low-end digital pianos don't survive as long, although they can last for many years with regular maintenance.

Yamaha P45 88-Key Weighted Digital Piano

Do digital pianos require tuning?

A digital piano requires minimal maintenance because there are no hammers or strings to make sound, so tuning is not necessary.


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