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The Best Acoustic Guitars in 2024 - Reviews and Recommendations
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The Best Acoustic Guitars in 2024 – Reviews and Recommendations

If you are looking for an acoustic guitar that can provide you with a pleasant and soothing sound, then you need to consider a few things. The first thing that you need to consider is that the acoustic guitar you choose should suit your budget. In the market, you will find a wide variety of acoustic guitars available for different styles of music and prices. In this article, we are going to review the top 14 best acoustic guitars.

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In-depth reviews

1. Best Overall: Fender CD-60S Solid Top Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar 

The Fender CD-60S solid top dreadnought acoustic guitar is a popular guitar among music players due to its great tone. The mahogany body with a spruce top gives it a classic sound.

The cutaway design with a comfortable neck joint gives this instrument a very versatile playing position. Alder body braces, a rosewood fingerboard, and a set of chrome tuners round out the package.

Alder body braces add stability to the body. The rosewood fingerboard is very responsive and easy to bend and fret. It also has 22 medium jumbo frets. This allows for quick and precise string changes.






  • Spruce and mahogany

  • Reliability and build quality 

  • High-end Fishman pickup and preamplifier


  • A cutaway is disliked by some players

  • To some, it might be too basic

2. YAMAHA FG800 Solid Top Acoustic Guitar

YAMAHA FG800 is a professional quality acoustic guitar that is designed for those who want something to go out and jam on.

It comes in a beautiful rosewood finish with a mahogany neck and fretboard, and features a solid top body.

These three pickups are arranged in a standard guitar pattern, and they work in conjunction with the tone controls on the neck, so you can tailor the sound to your preference.

The bridge is a single adjustable saddle for fine tuning, and the nut is an octave saddle for easy intonation.

The headstock is adjustable for action height, and there are also frets installed between the 17th and 24th fret, for easier playing.

The fingerboard width is 16 frets. It’s designed to accommodate chords, and the 24th fret has a special fret wire designed to withstand heavy strumming.

YAMAHA FG800 comes with a nylon strap that has a leather lining, and this can be adjusted for length to suit your liking.


  • An excellent value at this price is the solid spruce top.

  • Good for blending with vocals.

  • Rich, deep tone


  • Lacks any added extras

3. Epiphone Songmaker DR-100, Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar

The Epiphone Songmaker DR-100 features a cutaway design that gives you easy access to all of the important parts of the instrument, including the body and neck, without having to remove the guitar’s top or back plate. The body has a beautiful dark brown finish that looks great on a wide range of music styles, and it’s made from solid Mahogany for its tonal characteristics and longevity.

The Epiphone Songmaker DR-100 has a 24-fret ebony fingerboard that’s made from solid wood. The fingerboard is topped with a rosewood bridge, which is responsible for ensuring accurate intonation and a clear and smooth tone. It also features 22 medium jumbo frets and pearl dot fret markers for improved finger placement.

This Epiphone guitar has two single-coil pickups at the bridge and the middle position, along with a volume knob and three-way pickup selector. These will work together to give you a versatile, versatile tonal experience that allows you to switch between different playing styles and styles. The combination of the tone control and the EQ will help you get that perfect sound for your next jam.


  • Lovely tone, well-balanced

  • Quality belies the price

  • Neck is a joy to play


  • It's not a solid wood top

4. Martin LX1E Little Martin

The Martin LX1E guitar is a solid body acoustic guitar that was released in 2015. It’s made out of mahogany and spruce wood with a rosewood fretboard and neck.

The guitar is a hybrid that’s part acoustic and part electric. It can be used for both genres of music and it comes with the option of being plugged into an amplifier or going direct to an amplifier using an adapter.

The guitar has a cutaway design, which makes it look stylish and gives you an unobstructed view of the strings. The body of the guitar is bound by three sides, and there are two frets on the fretboard.

The back of the guitar features a double-cutaway design and a 12” long mahogany neck that’s bound by three sides. The guitar’s fingerboard is made out of rosewood and the neck is bound by two sets of parallel machine binding.

The bridge of the guitar is made out of maple and it has a floating saddle. It’s designed to create a mellow tone and it’s very adjustable.

5. Yamaha CSF-TA Parlor Transacoustic Guitar

The Yamaha CSF-TA is one of the best guitars you can get. This is a premium acoustic guitar, with a mahogany body and maple neck. It features a pre-amp that can provide the best sound quality for you. It’s made from a single piece of wood, which means that it will last a long time.

You can tune this guitar to the standard AEDAD tuning system. The nut width is chosen to match a standard open tuning, but you can adjust the nut as necessary.

You can add extra strings if you want, and this will make it easier to play higher notes.


  • The rosewood body is stunning

  • The notes sound very clear, and project very well

  • The electronics are also great

  • Very smooth, and a matt neck finish so it's not grabby

  • Easy to use

  • The tuners are very fast, which is usually a sign of quality


  • None


What makes playing an acoustic guitar simpler?

The 'action,' or the distance between the strings and the neck, is the main determinant of how simple a guitar is to play. When it is very low, pressing the strings on the fret to make contact is simple; while it is too low, the strings buzz when you play.

Pyle Classical Acoustic Guitar 36” Junior size for beginners with starter kit - Steel String Guitarra Acustica Pack with Travel Gig Bag, Tuner, Picks, Strap for Students Practice, Kids, Adults

What makes a good quality guitar?

Different elements affect a guitar's quality, but in general, a great guitar is determined by the tonewood, hardware performance, tuning, strings, neck, and price.


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