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The Best Portable Speakers

The Best Portable Speakers

Finding the best portable speaker for your specific needs isn't as simple as it may appear at first. It has nothing to do with a lack of choices: every online retailer, from Apple to Ultimate Ears, is vying for a piece of the Bluetooth pie, and with it, your hard-earned cash.

The problem is determining which model is most deserving of your hard-earned pounds. Don't worry; that's where we come in. We've done the legwork for you and compiled a list of the best Bluetooth speakers in various forms, sizes, and price ranges

Our Picks

1. Best overall: JBL Xtreme 3

2. Best runner-up overall: JBL Flip 6

3. Best design: Bang & Olufsen Beosound A1 (2nd Gen)

4. Best runner-up design: UE Wonderboom 2

5. Best purchased product: Tribit Stormbox Micro

In-Depth Reviews for The Best Portable Speaker

1. JBL Xtreme 3

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  • Sturdy construction 

  • Impressive detail and dynamics

  • Extremely good sense of timing


  • There are no smart features.

  • There are no hands-free options for phone calls.

Product's Highlight

The JBL Xtreme 3 is our top pick for the best portable speakers which is ideal for use both indoor and out door. Yes, it's tough, it's dust- and water-resistant to IP67, and you'd be forgiven for thinking it's more concerned with the quantity of bass it produces than with musical quality at first appearance. But be assured: from the lowest of lows to the highest of highs, the JBL Xtreme 3 proves to be a thoughtful and sensitive performer.

2.  JBL Flip 6

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  • Balanced, bassy sound 

  • Easy to operate


  • No phone charging port 

  • No voice assistant

Product's Highlight

The JBL Flip 6 is a great example of a Bluetooth speaker that gets it right by sticking to the basics. This tough portable speaker is easy to use, sounds great, and can be paired with up to 100 other JBL speakers to form a massive sound wall.

Extra functions such as voice assistants and Wi-Fi connectivity aren't included, but the Flip 6 sounds so excellent that you won't miss them.

While the trebles can sound a little harsh at higher volumes, we found that the speaker's pleasant, well-balanced audio performance is significantly more powerful than you might expect from a speaker of this size. 

This speaker is excellent for taking to the pool or beach, with a 12-hour battery life and water and dust proof, and it comes in a variety of vibrant colors. That's bad it doesn't have a charging port like the larger JBL speakers, but that's not a deal-breaker.

Similar to the Flip 5, Flip 6 is a great speaker for anyone who wants to just play their music, turn it up loud, sit back, and enjoy – whether they're listening at home or on the go.

3. Bang & Olufsen Beosound A1 (2nd Gen)

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  • Large soundstage, deep bass 

  • Excellent Alexa integration

  • Exquisite construction and finish


  • At this level, nothing

Product's Highlight

The B&O Beosound A1 (2nd Gen) wireless speaker is no exception, with its output that can be defined as "premium" and "innovation."

It has dimensions that are similar to a giant floury bap, but that's where the similarities with baked foods end. The new A1 is equipped with Qualcomm's latest aptX Adaptive Bluetooth 5.1 codec, as well as Alexa.

It also works well, offering a relaxing yet authoritative performance that you'd be glad to listen to all day. Add in its elegant, well-made design, simple operation, and Alexa, and you've got yourself a Bluetooth speaker sequel that's been well worth the wait.

4. UE Wonderboom 2

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  • Great sound for its size 

  • IP67 dust- and water-resistant rating 

  • 30% longer battery life than its predecessor


  • Restrictive soundstage

  • Charging through micro-USB

Product's Highlight

For a long time, the original UE Wonderboom topped our best waterproof speaker list – but the Wonderboom 2 has since supplanted it.

The UE Wonderboom 2 is a terrific durable and waterproof speaker that you'll want to carry around with you at all times. The speaker's small size does not translate to a small sound, as it is quite loud and sounds fantastic – plus it can be coupled with additional Wonderboom speakers to amp up your music even more. While the increased bass doesn't quite equal the bass response of larger speakers like the UE Boom 3, it does bring warmth and intensity to songs that the original lacked.

5. Tribit Stormbox Micro

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  • Mature, melodic sound 

  • Surprisingly hefty bass 

  • USB-C charger 


  • Battery life is limited

Tribit Portable Speaker, StormBox Micro Bluetooth Speaker, IP67 Waterproof & Dustproof Outdoor Speaker, Bike Speakers with Loud Sound, Advanced TI Amplifier, Built-in XBass, 100ft Bluetooth Range


Product's Highlight

It's difficult to think of a home, rucksack, or personal taste that the Tribit Audio Stormbox Micro couldn't gladly blend in with. It's the size of a stack of drinking coasters, is IP67 rated, with a handy rubberised strap across the back, and can be paired in stereo mode with two others.

You'll be pleasantly impressed by the Tribit's ability to deliver bass clout. Despite the fact that a speaker of this size is plainly limited in terms of bass weight, it performs admirably; close your eyes and imagine a larger product.

The Tribit is a fantastic solution if your budget is limited to ($60). If you only have a little zip pouch on the top of your backpack for a musical travel companion, this speaker is also deserving of that place. Take note, Ultimate Ears: Tribit Audio, a lesser-known brand, has created a budget-friendly Bluetooth speaker.


1. Is it worthwhile to invest in portable speakers?

When you need portability, the simplicity of not having to use cables, and the adaptability of connecting many devices to the same speaker, Bluetooth speakers are well worth the money. These speakers are not only easier to set up, but they are also less expensive.

2. Is JBL a decent brand?

JBL is a stalwart of the speaker industry, having been around for decades. Wireless JBL speakers have established themselves as the indisputable kings of Bluetooth speakers for the mainstream market, thanks to their continuous level of quality, waterproofing, good features, and dependable performance.

3. Which Bluetooth speaker is better, Sony or JBL?

Comparison of the two

The Sony SRS-XB23 outperforms the JBL Flip 5 in terms of sound quality. The Sony is more solidly built, can play stereo content, and has a longer battery life. It also comes with a companion app with a graphic EQ so you can fine-tune the sound.

Our recommendations above are what we believe are the best portable speaker available right now for most people's needs. Price (cheaper speakers win over more costly speakers if the difference isn't worth it), visitor evaluations, and availability are all factors we take into account (no speakers that are difficult to find or almost out of stock everywhere).

Here's a list of all of our speaker reviews, organized by outdoor performance, if you're looking for more options. Take care not to become interested in the details. There aren't any speakers who are completely faultless. Your decision will be influenced by your personal preferences, listening habits, and taste.


Here's a list of all of our portable speaker reviews conducted by our editors and testers team. There is nothing mean the best for everyone. Just pick the one you think it is the right one that you can afford and get the most of it.


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