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Best JBL Bluetooth Speakers

Best JBL Bluetooth Speakers


JBL is noted for its bright Bluetooth speakers and lightweight designs. The brand's characteristic, the bass-heavy audio profile, makes it a popular choice for both party speakers and personal speakers, producing rich sound and surprising volume even in the most compact designs.

Many of JBL's most popular speakers are designed to be carried or connected to backpacks and bicycles, and nearly all of them are splash-proof if not completely waterproof.

Whether you're looking for something small and portable or something powerful enough to rock the room, JBL has something for you. We've done the legwork to find the best products from the brand for a variety of uses, so dive right in with our recommendations below.

1. Best Overall – JBL Flip 5


2. Best Budget – JBL Go 3


3. Best Portable – JBL Xtreme 3


4. Best for Party – JBL Pulse 4

5. Best Quality  – JBL Charge 5


Buying Guides

When selecting the best JBL Bluetooth speaker, there are various criteria to consider; the following are the important ones that we examined while compiling this list.

1. Smart Functions

Bluetooth links all portable speakers wirelessly. The best Bluetooth speakers, on the other hand, contain smart capabilities and functions. Some, for example, can stream music via Wi-Fi, while others have voice assistants like as Siri, Alexa, and Google Assistant. Voice assistants can control music volume and playback, as well as deliver information such as weather and sports updates.

2. Sound Direction

Some Bluetooth speakers have drivers that only face one direction, so if the speaker is turned away from the listener, it won't sound as loud. Other speakers, commonly cylindrical in design, magnify sound in all directions and provide 360-degree sound, so it doesn't matter where you set them.

3. Speaker Pairing

Because of their small size and power output, portable speakers can only create a limited amount of bass loudness. Many Marshall models, on the other hand, provide speaker pairing, which allows you to connect additional speakers to play music from the same source. Speaker pairing increases loudness and allows you to arrange speakers to cover more land.


Will the distance between my speakers and the audio source influence the quality of my sound? 

Yes, while it's not always possible, you'll want to keep the cord connecting your speakers to your receiver as short as possible for the best audio quality. Unless they're 25 feet or more away from your receiver, your sound quality won't suffer too much. Use a 14-gauge cable for any wired speakers, and a 12-gauge cable for any speakers that are more than 25 feet away from the receiver.

What is the best location for my speakers? 

This may alter depending on whether you're using a stereo, 5.1, 7.1, or 9.1 system. There are a few general standards to follow regardless of how many speakers you employ. Although the design of your room will influence this, you should aim to place your speakers evenly spaced with surround speakers in the corners of your listening area. All the better if you can safely mount your speakers on a wall.

What number of subwoofers do I require? 

Additional subwoofers give better bass quality and more positioning options when seeking the best sound quality, but this is depending on the size of your space. Having more than one subwoofer, on the other hand, maybe overkill in a small listening space. Furthermore, some single speakers are capable of delivering enough bass without the need for a woofer.

Final Thought

JBL has a wide range of speakers for a variety of applications. They feature a very balanced sound profile in general, but no visual EQs to adjust their sound to your preferences. These well-made, portable Bluetooth speakers are excellent for taking with you on the road, but you won't be able to utilize voice assistants with them, even if you pair them with your smartphone.



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